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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal of my photography, family, and adventures. Stay a while and say hello!

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Megan-Drew and John | Hickory, North Carolina Engagment Session


Megan-Drew is a friend-of-a-friend turned into my own friend. You know those wonderful people who pop into your lives and give you the confidence to go for your dreams? That’s her. My friend had posted a long time ago on her Facebook page about my budding business and it took all of 20 minutes for Megan-Drew to contact me and ask if I did weddings. I don’t know how she and her awesome fiancé John decided to trust me with the most important day of their lives, but they did! And it changed the trajectory of Sydney Biggs Photography forever ❤️

Megan-Drew and John met online. Their first date was over breakfast at the Handsome Biscuit – something casual at a local restaurant. Neither of them were expecting much, other than having a good time. But it turns out they had a really good time. Like, a really really good time. And one breakfast date turned into another date, and another date, until they found themselves in the most wonderful relationship.

One weekend while our favorite duo was at Bald Head Beach, Megan-Drew was looking through photos on John’s phone that they had taken earlier in the day. She accidentally stumbled upon a picture of a diamond ring. She and John locked eyes and laughed awkwardly and kind of brushed the incident to the side… but little did John know that Megan-Drew had secretly found her dream wedding dress earlier that month and purchased it! John and Megan-Drew were laughing so hard as they told me this story, the kind that kept all three of us laughing through the whole session at John’s childhood home.

When John finally proposed a few months later at the Handsome Biscuit (their original breakfast joint!), Megan-Drew was captivated by her perfect ring – the one she had accidentally seen on John’s phone. 🙂 If their engagement story doesn’t make you smile today, then I don’t know what will. In our time together, I have been able to witness their calm and comfortable relationship with each other. They are warm, kind, and have the kind of love with the most solid of foundations – the kind that makes you believe that marriage is the sort of thing that is meant to last forever.

I can’t wait for their May wedding in Newport News! 110 days, you two!

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