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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal of my photography, family, and adventures. Stay a while and say hello!

i'm sydney biggs

buhl family | virginia family portrait photographer


When Courtney asked me to take their family portraits this spring, I was so excited! Though I haven’t known Courtney for a long time, she has always felt like a close friend. When she found out I was pregnant with #2, she immediately offered me all of her maternity clothes! All throughout my first trimester, she was constantly checking in on me. Let me tell ya, morning sickness is no joke, people. Even though I constantly turned down offers to go out and do things (because morning sickness…), she never failed to invite me and made sure I knew I was always welcome in her friend group. Those are some pretty amazing traits to find in a friend, you know?

Courtney’s cute family was so much fun to capture. Annie, Roman and Hazel all have the most beautiful brown eyes, just like their parents! All three are full of energy and life and (I think) they all had fun exploring Hahn Gardens on Virginia Tech campus with me. At least they were really good sports about following me as I took them to different locations in one of my favorite places in Blacksburg! They were all so funny. Even though I hadn’t seen Frozen 2 yet, Annie made sure I knew everything that happened. 🙂

Also, these were taken just a few days before Courtney and Travis’s 6th wedding anniversary, so naturally we had to get a bunch of portraits of just the two of them!

Taking these portraits was equal parts happy and sad for us. Happy because it was so great to freeze these moments for the Buhls, but sad because this was their last hurrah in Virginia. Travis’s job took them cross-country to Idaho. Though we have social media to keep up with each other, we are still going to miss them! Best of luck, Travis and Courtney! Idaho better treat you guys well. 🙂


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